Wednesday, 24 July 2019

The Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Qld Branch intends to organise a day of training for members when it can.

These days of training are aimed at providing members of the CCHS, and prospective members, with knowledge and experience of breeding working and showing the Clydesdale horse.

Over the last few years this event has been held at various different locations throughout Queensland to ensure that members are able to access these training days.

Venues have included Hervey Bay, Goomeri, Caboolture, Beaudesert, Highfields, Kalbar,  Laidley, and Nutgrove, as well as some near Biloela.

Some topics included in these training days have been:

  • Basic conformation of the horse
  • Care of the horse including horse nutrition, Farrier & hoof care, ring bone & side bone as well as veterinary care of horse
  • Presentation of the horse in the show ring including Show Ring protocol, platting mane and tail as well as presentation of foot
  • Education of the horse such as handling to lead, loading on float, fitting of gear, long rein driving, log snig, slide drive. This also includes the education of the handler
  • Teaching the correct fit (inclusive of measuring) of collars, hames and harness to horse
  • Teach more complex matters such as driving drays spring carts and lorries and driving teams

Members freely share their collective wealth of knowledge and experience which helps to educate newcomers to the breed, Clydesdales are uniquely different to other breeds of horses and have different needs.

The training days have always been well received with many participants eager to learn. No-one has ever left these training days without learning something new.

Given the growth in membership of the branch and the thirst for knowledge of new members it is envisaged that these training days will continue to grow.

The most recent training day was a hands-on basics one held in early December 2018, with 36 participants, at Nutgrove on the Darling Downs, Qld.
There will be a singles and pairs driving  day there also, on 13th July 2019.

For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.